July 7 - August 25, 2018


The Great Ontario Salmon Derby

Whitby was a real hot spot for fishing in 2011

Whitby was a real hot spot for fishing in 2011 and we are hoping for more of the same in 2012 due in part to very successful Salmon pen rearing programs in our area.

We are currently offering a season's ramp pass for $110 including tax if purchased before April 30th.  The regular price of $120 including tax would be charged for passes sold after April 30th.  Note:  The daily launch fee is $10 including tax and requires cash only at the pay and display machine.  The season's pass is great value for frequent users and eliminates the need to pay and display for each use.  The passes are available at Port Whitby Marina - 301 Watson St, Whitby.  For more information, boaters can contact the marina at 905-668-1900 or marina@whitby.ca
Here is a link to the Town Website with a photo of the ramp:  http://www.whitby.ca/index.php?page=169
The marina also offers seasonal dockage (May 1 to Oct 31) featuring quality floating docks, card access security, and access to all marina facilities.  Seasonal dockage rates start at $525 + HST.  Visitor dockage is also available for daily, weekly, or monthly periods.